Shake those Winter Blues in Belize

Why spend your winter in Belize? The answer can summed up in one word: Paradise. We’ll even toss in a few more: Six months of incredible sunshine.

With a new home in Belize, the cold and gloom of North America will be a distant memory. You can shed your

winter garb for shorts, t-shirts, swimsuits and sandals. An average temperature near 80 degrees will fill your days with deep turquoise waters, sunshine and soothing gentle winds.

Sun, Sand and Sea

In a home, condo or vacation rental of your own, you can bask in the glory of each sun-drenched day of this subtropical paradise. Just a quick plane trip from snowy North America and you’ll be exploring a country that boasts abundant sunshine, lush jungles and diverse wildlife.

There will be no more scrapping snow from your windshield. You’ll spend your days wandering along the coastal shore or scouting your way through lavish landscapes. You’ll see monkeys, manatees and even the last surviving jaguars frolic freely in their natural habitat, framed by a rich and natural setting of magnificent mountains, verdant valleys and untainted rainforests.

Winter on the Beach

Nestled on the Western shore of the Caribbean, hundreds of miles of unspoiled white, sandy beaches make Belize a true winter wonderland. Hunting shells along the beach or napping in a shaded hammock, you’ll know you’ve chosen the perfect winter escape. When evening comes, there’ll be no flannels or fuzzy robe. You’ll be warm, relaxed and complete as the setting sun explodes with color.

On yet another sun-filled, winter day, you might decide to venture out from your new seaside home or condo, pack a picnic and check out a nearby caye (key), one of Belize’s hundreds of small, sandy islands perched on the surface of a coral reef, where you can sun, swim or snorkel.

Christmas in Belize

When the weather up North is frightful, Belize is so delightful.

Christmas lovers in Belize have many with whom to share their cheer. Because Christianity is the major religion, you’ll have plenty of company as you hum your favorite carols or adorn a palm tree with your treasured ornaments. There’s no waking up to a snowy Christmas morn, and there’ll be no donning of coats, scarves or boots as you venture out to spend Christmas day exploring.

You certainly won’t be missing family, as it’s a sure bet they’ll want to join you in this tropical, winter wonderland.

Plan your Winter Wonderland Today

There is simply no need to spend your winters anywhere other than in a new home, condo or vacation rental in the natural wonders, beauty and sunshine of Belize.

Give us a call at 727-565-1507 or email today! We’re ready to help you plan your escape.